Unlike many wedding photographers, weddings aren't my primary focus. My interest in photography was first sparked by being in nature and documenting the stories within it. Nowadays most of my work is all about selling fine photography or shooting outdoor stories for companies whether it's Destination Canada, a small tour operator, a boot company or a flightseeing company. The core of my brand has always been documenting stories through photography, especially those in nature, and that's what I intend to do with this wedding business as well!

In my spare time, you can find me climbing, trying to slackline (usually failing), in the ocean (year-round), or hiking.

My Nature Photography Website

My approach

I believe that wedding photography should be about capturing natural moments. While we’ll always make sure to get a few of those posed smiling shots that the parents and grandparents will love to slap on their fridge, most of what we’ll focus on are photos that show real emotion and document your relationship during this special point in your lives. You’ve probably heard a similar spiel from other wedding photogs so let me break down what this actually means for me during the couples shoot on the wedding day and during engagement sessions.