What you're getting into

It’s important for you to understand my approach before we get into this. I do things a little different than other photographers. When looking back at the pictures, I want happy memories of how the shoot felt rush into your head. Like the time you said something funny to each other or how your favorite song playing in the background. This is what’s worth capturing.

While beautiful posed pictures are nice and important to get, they won’t be fun or bring back those nostalgic feelings of what your relationship was like. Large amounts of my session are all about capturing natural moments between you two. When creating photos, I won’t make you turn your head every angle to figure out your good side but I also don’t expect you to direct yourself.

Something you should know

One thing that's super important is for you to feel like you are a good fit with your photographer. I would prefer you to go with another if you felt like their style of shooting fit better with what you're looking for. You deserve to be with a photographer you trust the vision of.

So you think you're ready?

Ready to be photographed in a place you love? Ready for gut-busting laughs? Let’s do this thing.