What To Wear Guide

I know how hard it can be to chose clothes for photography sessions. For that reason, I’ve made this guide to help you out with your outfit selection. This is a collection of tips I’ve gathered over years of what I think has worked best. Even with the tips I’ll mention below, it’s important for what you wear to be true to you and what makes you feel confident so don’t feel like you have to follow them. For guys who never wear button up shirts and prefer their favorite graphic shirt, go for it! Be yourself. That’s what I’m trying to capture. Heck, if you feel most comfortable wearing socks with sandals and a neon pink dress, awesome! These are guidelines, not rules.

Typically clients bring 4-5 tops and 3 bottoms which we’ll mix and match at our different locations. They’ll also bring accessories, dresses, jackets on top of that. Depending on where we are doing our session, you may have to change in the car or by the side of the road. If that isn’t something you’re comfortable with, it’s totally fine, we can always go with one outfit with different layer variations! If you’re still not sure about your clothing selection by the end of the guide, feel free to send me a few pictures of what you’re thinking of bringing.

Wear clothes that makes sense

Comfort is everything during our shoot. If there’s snow out, it may not be best to have shorts and a t-shirt. If we’re hiking, make sure you have shoes that have grip. Think about the location and check the weather we’ll be shooting in with an plan accordingly. If it could be cold, make sure to bring extra layers in case. Try to be as comfortable as possible!


Patterns & Logos

Patterns are another thing which we have to be careful of when choosing clothes. When they are huge and crazy they can be super distracting. Patterns are great but just keep them subtle like flannels or flowery dresses. I’ll usually only have one patterned piece of clothes in each outfit so that the focus stays on you. Another way to stay away from distractions is to make sure the clothes are clean and wrinkle free!

Props and Accessories

I’m all for good props and accessories. Not the type you see in school photos that are cringe-worthy but props that real people have. Examples of great props are your pet, cool vehicles, picnics, campfire, flowers, kayak, etc. If you have props, message me and it would be great to incorporate them. Accessories are also awesome because they let us play around more with outfits. It’s great when people bring hats, glasses, scarves, jewelry, etc. The only thing I would stay away from is watches. When getting in for close up shots they can be distractions.

If you’re still not sure about your outfit choices, feel free to message me one or two pictures of what you’re planning on bringing.